Pak-UK trade up by 15% since grant of GSP-plus status: High Commissioner

Pakistan High Commissioner to the United Kingdom Syed Ibne Abbas says trade between the two countries has increased by fifteen percent since grant of GSP Plus status to Pakistan.
He was speaking at a reception of the Conservative Friends of Pakistan in Manchester. The event was organized on the side-lines of Conservative Party Conference being held in Manchester.

He thanked the UK government for enhancing the cover of Export Credit Facility for Pakistan from two hundred million dollars to three hundred million dollars.

The High Commissioner also highlighted the business opportunities for the British companies in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

He appreciated the positive contributions made by the Conservative Friends of Pakistan in securing and promoting the interests of Pakistan at various levels.

The High Commissioner expressed satisfaction over strong and cordial relations between Pakistan and the UK. He also underscored the importance of growing economic ties between the two countries.

He thanked the Co-Chairman of the Group Zameer Chaudhry and other officer bearers of CFOP for their efforts in strengthening the relationship between the Conservative Party and Pakistan.

The Chairman of the Conservative Friends of Pakistan, Zameer Chaudhry in his address said that the political engagement of the British Pakistanis was increasing with the passage of time. He hoped that in the coming years more Pakistanis would get elected and play an active role in the British Parliament.

Lord Andrew Feldman, Chairman of Conservative Party, highlighted the deep rooted historical linkages between the people of Pakistan and the UK, and appreciated the growing importance of Pakistani community in the British politics. Erik Pickles MP, called for greater engagement of the Pakistani community in all walks of British life.

Lord Tariq Ahmed underscored the multidimensional growing linkages between the two countries. Sajjad Haider Karim MEP said that Britain was Pakistan’s biggest supporter in the European Union and it had played an important role in grant of GSP Plus status to Pakistan by the EU.

Conservative Friends of Pakistan seeks to build a stronger, wider and deeper relationship between the Conservative Party, Pakistan and the British Pakistani community. Since its establishment, the group has provided an effective platform for Pakistani government and British Pakistanis to secure the vital national and community interests in the UK. The Conservative Friends of Pakistan has been continuously making the case for aid programmes in Pakistan to be continued especially in those areas, where the level of development is not at par with other areas.