Dominic Grieve's latest statement

In view of the somewhat unhelpful stance taken by the Daily Telegraph, Dominic Grieve MP, the Attorney General, has issued the following statement which clarifies his comments made over the weekend:

"I am very clear that integration between ethnic communities in the United Kingdom has worked well and has delivered great benefits for all of us. This is a point I clearly made in my interview with the Telegraph, and I'm disappointed that this has not been reflected in their front page story.

The point I was making is that, as a law officer, it's my duty to ensure the rule of law is upheld, and one of the issues that I feel requires close attention is any potential for a rise in corruption to undermine civil society. I believe this is an issue which needs to be addressed calmly and rationally.

I am absolutely clear that this problem is not attributable to any one community, as I know very well from my many years promoting community cohesion."