CFoP Director Ahmereen Reza standing as MP Candidate in Birmingham Lodgehill


Ahmereen Reza is the former CEO and now Director of the British Pakistan Foundation, an umbrella organisation that connects British Pakistani professionals, charities and development institutions across Britain and highlights the concern raised by the diaspora. Ahmereen Reza is the Founder of Developments in Literacy Trust UK, a charity that educates girls in remote and rural Pakistan and funds literacy courses for British Multi-ethnic minority mothers of under-performing students in the UK.


She currently works as is the Country Director of Aman Foundation UK.


Ahmereen received her Masters from MIT with a focus on Community Based Sustainable Development at the grass roots. Much of her work has focused on evolving effective community based self-help and gender equality programmes, promoting community advocacy, pushing for legislative reforms where necessary, and identifying sustainable public-private partnerships for such communities.


In October 2015 Ahmereen was awarded the British Communities Honours Award. In September 2014, Ahmereen received the Eurasian Award recognising her work with women & multi ethnic minority communities in the UK. In April 2013, she was recognised under the Social and Humanitarian banner as 'Women of the Future' at the Asian Women of Achievements Awards. She has served on the founding committee of the British Pakistan Foundation. She sat on the cross parliamentary steering committee looking at ‘Diversity on Boards’ with Baroness Verma and Baroness Hussein-Ece.