CFoP announces three new appointments

The Rt Hon. The Lord Strathclyde CH has been succeeded as President of Conservative Friends of Pakistan (CFoP) by The Rt Hon. The Lord Hill of Oareford CBE, Leader of the House of Lords and Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster.

Michael Wade, Chairman of CFoP said:

"I would very much like formally to thank Lord Strathclyde for his time and enthusiasm in the setting up of this organisation and for the work that he was able to assist with in terms of his position within the Conservative Party."

"It is with great pleasure that I am able to announce that Lord Hill, the new Leader of the House of Lords has succeeded Lord Strathclyde as President and I am looking forward to working closely together in the coming months."

Further to this change of Presidency, it has also been agreed that Zameer Choudrey, Chief Executive of Bestway Group, will become Co-Chairman of CFoP, alongside Michael Wade. Another new addition to the organisation is with Syed Qamar Raza accepting a directorship and working closely with the team to ensure that those links with the community are further strengthened.

Michael Wade commented further on the organisational change to CFoP and said:

"Conservative Friends of Pakistan needs a strong, well known and inspirational community leader and we have found that these qualities come in abundance with Zameer Choudrey, who I am very pleased to be welcoming as Co-Chairman of the organisation. Through his successes in business and his firm belief in philanthropy and helping others to reach their goals in life, I believe that CFoP will be a stronger force amongst the British Pakistani community."

"I see a bright future for CFoP and with these changes it will enable us to contuinue to work hard and deliver on our key objectives of engaging with the community and celebrating our shared values of aspiration and hard work."

Below are Zameer and Raza's professional profiles.  


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