CFoP announces three new appointments

The Rt Hon. The Lord Strathclyde CH has been succeeded as President of Conservative Friends of Pakistan (CFoP) by The Rt Hon. The Lord Hill of Oareford CBE, Leader of the House of Lords and Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster.

CFoP welcomes newly elected Pakistani President

CFoP welcomes the newly elected Pakistani President Mamnoon Hussain, who will take up his post in September.Having completed a full five year term as President, we would also like to wish Asif Ali Zardari well in his future endeavours.

'Celebrating Integration' event

The Conservative Friends of Pakistan (CFoP) co-hosted Celebrating Integration - The Six Decades of Pakistani Diaspora in the UK, at the Holiday Inn Bloomsbury, London. The event was attended by over 300 guests and sought to engage with the British Pakistani community on the important issue of Integration.The event was co-hosted by CFoP and the World Congress of Overseas Pakistanis (WCOP) and saw Michael Wade, Chairman of CFoP, deliver a speech on Integration and the Conservative Party's relationship with the British Pakistani community.

Pakistan Elections - a note from the Chairman

Greetings to the people of Pakistan and with warm congratulations upon an election with an estimated 60% turnout; more, the peaceful handover of one elected government to create another since the formation of Pakistan.

A message on the death of Baroness Thatcher

On behalf of the Conservative Friends of Pakistan, the Chairman would like to extend deep condolances and very warm wishes to Mark & Carol Thatcher at the loss of their mother.

International Development Committee Report on Pakistan

The International Development Committee have produced a detailed report on Pakistan which can be accessed through the below attachment. The report makes a compelling case whilst being informative throughtout, and the Government's response to the report, being widely covered in the media, is rightly supportive of aid programmes in Pakistan whilst also advocating further reform for the next Pakistani Government to undertake in order to acquire a wider and more sustainable tax base.