Boy's genius invention while at school has already netted him a million pound investment

Budding tycoon Yasser Khattak has created a household plug socket and light switch where the on-off button is flicked remotely using a smartphone

A bright spark who had a light-bulb moment at school and developed a revolutionary light-switch has secured a £1m investment-- aged just 21.

Budding tycoon Yasser Khattak has created a household plug socket and light switch where the on-off button is flicked remotely using a smartphone.

The intelligent home system is easily swapped with existing fittings and will save energy, monitor real-time consumption and send safety notifications via the app.

Boy-genius Khattak developed the remotely operated "rocker switch" while at school studying for his GCSE's.

He has called his product Den and hopes it can save the UK economy £1.7 billion in wasted energy costs.

The remote control works within a radius of about 20 metres while the app communicates via a Wi-Fi hub which then relays commands to the switches.

The new range of products from Khattak's company Den is expected to launch this summer.

Products include motion sensors so lights turn on automatically, for instance when someone gets up to go to the toilet at night.

A remote control can also be used to switch off everything in a home at once - saving power.

Yasser claims his technology will recognise what type of appliance is plugged into a socket at any one time, such as an iron left on can be switched off remotely.

He has now raked in more than £1m investment and is working towards a £100 million valuation by the end of 2018 in preparation for a successful acquisition by 2020.

Yasser Khattak, CEO and founder, said: "Most of us forget to turn the lights off when we leave a room, or to unplug our phone chargers when they are not in use.

"Unnecessary consumption amounts to over 16% of the UK's annual energy usage, a figure that is large enough to power almost 2.5 million homes.

"At Den we believe our products could make a significant impact on unnecessary consumption, helping save our environment and reducing the cost of living and however bold it sounds, we aim towipe out the existing standard of switches around the world over the next few years."

The tech whiz, from Maidstone, Kent., first came up with Den as a fresh-faced teenager while studying for his GCSE's.

Saudi-born, son of a Pakistani doctor, at 14 he was a troublesome boy at a state grammar school, suspended 16 times for insubordination.

Fed up with teachers' pettiness - Yasser resolved to "become someone awesome".

So, inspired by Sir James Dyson's autobiography Against the Odds, he set out to find a solution to an everyday problem, to cash in and make billions.

He says he will put it into teaching entrepreneurship to kids like himself across the world.

While at school he made £20,000 by selling air fresheners to petrol stations and mp3 ear pieces to school mates.

At aged 16 Yasser imported electrical products from China and sold them to his friends on Facebook making £20K, which he invested into founding Den.

At 19 the dream became a reality and Den raised the first equity investment on Seedrs allowing Yasser to develop prototypes and build a scalable business within the Home Automation market.

Yasser has also just hired his hero, former Amstrad CEO Bob Watkins as Den's Managing Director.

He said: "By creating user-friendly solutions that bring together the largely separated standard non-wireless switching market and the home automation market, Den is on a mission to power millions of homes around the world."